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Their legacy continued, in varying degrees, in Morrissey's solo career and the string of artists Modest Mouse , Pet Shop Boys , the Pretenders Marr has aligned himself with since the Smiths' breakup in But their greatest achievements were made during their short half-decade together. So while the below list of the Smiths Albums Ranked in Order of Awesomeness gives you a starting point, there really isn't a bad record in their discography, which befits one of the greatest indie-rock bands of all time.

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Home News. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Another serious song in that slot would have sandbagged the album. One of his classmates noticed it and introduced himself — he was a fan, too. His name: Andy Rourke.

The Smiths discography explained

Right on. How strange is it that Her Very Lowness is still clinging to her throne over three decades later? One of their Bowie-est moments, going for the guitar flash of Aladdin Sane.

Mike Mineo

Raise your hand if you played this song the day you turned 20 years, seven months and 27 days old. But smoking pot till it came out me ears I never had a problem with.

The Smiths

Pot, hash, was really good for the sounds, and I think you can hear that. I was falling in love with the potency of the pop moment.

No doubt just because both these unruly Irish boys yearned to sing like Siouxsie. Then, of course, he went on to do sod all about it! Craig Gannon joined as second guitarist for a mere six months in , but with Gannon on board, the Smiths hit a historic hot streak that would have been impossible without him — like this blast of twin-guitar feedback. As for Gannon, he fell from grace on their American tour — they left him behind at the New Orleans airport because nobody noticed he was missing.

Such a Smithsian fate.

The Smiths discography explained

An eerie piano ramble to kick off their final album. Another Seventies glam homage, nicking the T. An anthem for every pretentious famewhore poseur who ever decided it was time to quit the day job and become a legend. One of those classic Morrissey did-he-really-say-that? In the fall of , this single was a turning point, a warning that these handsome devils were about to blow through the roof.

Morrissey confessed that behind all his hatred, there was a plundering desire for love.

And behind that, more hatred. But here, at least, they allowed themselves to succumb to the pop sublime — the notion that love really can save the world and, yes, that it is a light that never goes out. Exclusive Features.

The Smiths – a tribute

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