The Man with the Ice Cream

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Download or stream this riff in High Definition p or Higher , in file formats that work on a variety of devices. Is there anything more unsettling than an ice cream truck? Driving around slowly, playing a tinny recording of a song that was popular a century ago, trying to lure children with crude hand-painted knockoffs of cartoon characters on the side of the truck?

Ladies and gentlemen: Ice Cream Man. The kids in this sleepy little town are concerned their ice cream man might be a murderer who puts human parts in his ice cream, which is a fair concern because he basically tells everyone he meets that he is a murderer who puts human parts in his ice cream. Traumatized by seeing gangsters murder the previous ice cream man when he was a boy this is his actual origin story, not a joke , Clint grew up to somehow take over the business and add murder to the menu. Just kidding, they are right to judge him, he and his ice cream are beyond disgusting.

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Digital Video. Digital HD Video. Please choose a format above. Add to Cart. Files included with Digital formats. Digital Video file formats. Legacy devices Low In two hours, we sell maybe 20 ice-creams in total. At the park, Roach is anxious to tell me that, the day before, the queue was 20 minutes long. Roach uses a fresh milk mix from Mediterranean Ices, and is snobbish about providers who make their ice-cream from UHT. You see how it runs down the edges?

Ward relents and buys three cones. Almost everyone buys small cones now, whereas before they would buy big ones, says Roach. As sales falter, Roach has diversified away from street trading, towards events, which are more lucrative. Turning ice-cream vans into a novelty for corporate dos and wedding receptions is a social loss; after so many years spent chugging around suburban streets, Roach is part of the fabric of his community.

Often, as punters approach the van, he tells me their orders.

Respect to the Man in the Ice Cream Van

He does. We serve year-old Brendan Brooks, whose mother bought from Roach as a young girl. In Langley, retired train driver John Carney, 66, has been a customer for 20 years.

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But now you have to. Recently, people have started asking for vegan ice-cream. Roach has observed more worrying trends, too, such as the climate emergency. But as our summers buzz longer and hotter, there is one constant: we Brits absolutely love soft-serve ice-cream. Soft-serve ice-cream is actually an American import. Mr Whippy is the ultimate leveller, beloved by celebrities — Roach has served Piers Morgan and Davina McCall — and ordinary folk alike.

Tony Blair wrote in his biography, A Journey , about being forced by spin doctors to buy cones for himself and Gordon Brown during the election trail.

The man who created a $2bn ice cream firm in his kitchen

Blair is not a fan. Mr Whippy is elemental nostalgia. We want a 99, God, how we want it. He bought from Roach as a child.

Ice Cream Man, Vol. 1: Rainbow Sprinkles

Being an ice-cream man has kept Roach young. He credits his sprightliness to eating ice-cream every day for 40 years. He rarely goes on holiday, but when he does, the first thing he does is have a local ice-cream. Not as good as mine. At the beachfront, we bump into his wife, Yvonne — they have been married for 25 years.

Ice Cream Man | New City | SweetGuy Ice Cream

She confirms that ice-cream is not just a livelihood for Roach — he picked her up for their first date in the van. During a lull, Roach shows me the trick to making the perfect Mr Whippy: you rotate the cone in a circle, then pull it away from the machine to create the point.

I am lousy. At the Kingsmere estate, we sell three ice-creams and a slush puppy to year-old reiki master Russell Dobson. When Roach shakes his head, she looks confused, then enraged. The day draws on and Roach and I drive through quietening residential streets, past pebbledash houses and trampolines and garden gnomes.

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