The Divine Dream

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Well in fact it was Jamie McKelvie tweeting a picture of Scarlet Johansson looking rather like Luci that inspired me to do this post. I am a massive ScarJo fan and any chance to see her playing a feisty female should be grabbed, in my very humble opinion! Baal is one of the most intriguing members of The Pantheon and Issue 3 was a particular favourite of mine, not least because we got to see a little bit more about this character and what his story might be.


John Boyega is going to be on our screens soon in Star Wars but before he gets super busy and famous perhaps he could come and do his thing for us as Baal. Backup choice, I would also love to see Tavi Gevinson in this role but she might be a bit too busy running Rookie and being awesome. Ataro Nakamura has only done a little bit of acting but her first hand knowledge of the music industry would certainly give her some insights into the world and fame of The Pantheon.

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Similarly farming dreams suggest certain meanings and interpretations. While dreaming is an important and necessary body function to help with our memory and mental health, certain dreams can also indicate other health issues. But are the dreams about health issues like getting medical treatment, taking prescribed medicine or undergoing surgical procedures suggesting some sort of health issues? Dream about making a job change, wearing uniform or doing some unusual job may be foretelling something important about future.

What are the dream meaning, symbols and interpretation about adopting a new profession or unusual job?

Divine Dreams

Divine Dreams. You are here: Home. Dreams about Pets and Animals Dreams about pets and animals symbolize some character or personality related to you.

Divine Dream

What do animals symbolize in dreams? What does it mean when you dream about transforming into an animal?

The Divine Dream by Christopher Schmitt

Dreams about Human Body and relevant Interpretations To dream of a human body or any organ represents your relatives or friends and you are undergoing certain experiences along with your relatives, friends or mates. Dreaming of Birds: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings What is the dream meaning, symbols and interpretation about birds? Dreaming of Festivals: Dream Interpretations and Meanings Dreaming about participating in a festival parade, watching a street carnival, being in a fair may foretell some very important happenings in future.

Dreams about Foods and Drinks: Interpretations and Meanings What are the dream meaning, symbolism and interpretations associated with Foods and Drinks? Hobbies and Leisures: Interpretations, Symbolism and Meanings Hobbies play an important part in our waking life.

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Interpretations and Meanings of Dreams about Clothes Clothes cover and protect human body from heat, cold and rain. Dreaming about Money and Finance Money is something generally accepted as a medium of exchange.

Dreams about Human Body and relevant Interpretations

The Lakota people believed Great Spirit sent messages through dreams and would even commune with the dreamer in the dream itself. In my own theophanic-dream I am erecting an altar to a Hindu goddess named Durga; at that time I did not know much about this goddess other than she was depicted riding either a lion or tiger, and that she had to do with protection. In the dream I place a statue of her on the altar, it grows over 7 feet tall and becomes animated, Durga then instructs me in the proper way to worship her.

Upon waking I began to research this goddess and discovered Hindu people do, in fact, place honey or sugar upon altars that are sacred to Her.

A Divine Dream 01 Baby John Kalayanthani

I listened to an mp3 file recorded by a Sanskrit speaker where her name was pronounced exactly as she had articulated in my dream, which was different from the way I had been pronouncing it. In my dream Durga tells me she will help me, and she has! Her assistance came through an external source, not from my own actions, which further supports the viewpoint of dream theophany. It felt as if my head would explode!

Nya Twinnare

This may sound like blasphemy to some, but I saw this legendary character in a new light; I had compassion for him in his role in the divine plan as fallen angel. I was summoned for my help as a healer, in the roles of both medium and spiritual counselor. In another dream I see a lifelike painting of a goddess and a demon illustrated head to head — they are dreaming one another — the image had life and movement, it was not just a lifeless canvas with paint.

The artist explains her work:. Then I woke up.

When I awoke I felt as if I were a lesser being dreaming my very own microcosmic world into existence, and at the same time I was being dreamed by a Higher Being who dreamed the macrocosmic world into existence; even the dream-artist was a creator of a Creator, which seemed to reiterate this concept.

This dream had a profound effect upon my spiritual growth; and my perspective on good vs. Mythologist, Joseph Campbell, sums up my view on theophanic-dreams in his lecture regarding the Sanskrit mantra, AUM:. Dreams are self-luminous; they shine of themselves as gods do. Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths.