The Crystal Revolution – My Meetings with Mr. J. Krishnamurti

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One woman determined to free them. A shocking secret. A terrible choice. But he does not want me to be like him.

He wants me to be myself. But I don't want to be myself. I want to be like him. And I know I can never be like him. I can only pretend to be like him. The whole cultural game is an exercise in perfecting your pretensions. Can I ever gracefully accept my limitations and stop pretending? I guess never. I'm reminded of a quote from Nietzsche: "Show me a great man and I will show you a monkey of his own ideals.

No wonder the poor fellow went mad. Bob, Paul, and I stay up and talk about this man called U. Paul says you must have to be born with an inclination towards this kind of stuff that U. Otherwise, why would you put up with the pain and discomfort it causes. Just then, Mario calls out to me, "Mahesh, your master wants you down for lunch.

Now what, I say to myself, and run down like an obedient child. Today, he has once again given him some money. You know why? Because you clean toilets, wash windows, and sweep floors. My, you worked so hard to earn this money.

Subdued political sub-text in JK’s teachings

That's why. Sweet Harry is embarrassed, but very pleased, to receive this compliment from U. Late in the evening, Gottfried talks about his near-death experiences during the Second World War. Just then the phone rings.

J. Krishnamurti: The Open Door

I run towards it, thinking it's a call for me from India. This is the U. Embassy, calling from Thailand. I'll call him. Bob has been expecting your call for quite some time," I say, signaling to Moorty's son, Kiran, to go and fetch Bob. Moments later, as I watch lots of people in the living room laugh as they chat with U. I notice that he is getting progressively shaky. I can see that the finality of his friend's death is hitting him now. I learn from his conversation that Connie's body is not yet cremated.

The Beginning

They have been waiting for Bob's "go-ahead". He gives it. This call has done the job of the proverbial "last straw". As Bob puts down the phone, he breaks down and begins to cry. Endings are tough. There are still "waking hours" to go. I'm half way through my stay here in Gstaad. I've been walking a lot here. The phone calls to India have kept me busy. Talking to my folks down in Bombay is my only link with sanity.

The Rebellious U G Krishnamurti | Life Positive

People say I have lost weight. We eat too much and we eat for pleasure. The body does not require so much food.

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Less food will not harm you, but more will certainly kill you faster," says U. She is speechless. Insights mean nothing. In a living situation, the man with insight behaves just like anybody else. Has the psychologist solved for himself the problem that he's trying to analyze? Death is a release for the person who is suffering. But even here, you would rather maintain your permanent relationship with the suffering man and keep him going with the help of all those life-support systems, rather than face the void created by his death. Do you see how selfish you are?

All your feminist talk isn't worth anything. I know a woman who says she cannot bear to live with her husband.

The Beginning

She says she finds him disgusting, but she shamelessly is still hanging on. Simple, because of money, because of security.

You cry when your best friend dies, but you're petrified of having to pay for his funeral. Now do you see what money means to you? You say, "I love you, I miss you," but you think twice before you make a long- distance call. That's why, folks, I always talk about money.