Moving in Gods Direction

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When should we step out on faith and start the business?

What state should we move to? Should we go on a date with the person that we met at Target last week?

Publisher of Watchman Nee & Witness Lee

Recently, He has been leading me to recite Proverbs in these key moments. We often hear about trusting God in sermons, songs and elsewhere in the Scripture. It is one of the most essential components of our Christian faith. In order to have faith, we must trust — and in order to trust, we must have faith.

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It is pretty impossible to have one without the other. To trust God means that we place our confidence in Him. That we are secure and sure of Him. But what does it mean to trust God with our whole heart?

To Move or to Wait? - Following God's Plan

What does this verse consider to be the heart? According to the BDB, heart, as it is spoken of in this verse, refers to the inner man, also known as the soul. He is a triune being and He made us triune beings. He made us body, soul and spirit. Our soul, one part of our triune nature, is comprised of three components — the mind, the will and the emotions. So back to our original question — what does it mean to trust God with our whole heart? It means that we trust Him with our minds; we trust Him with our thought life and our intellect. It means that we trust Him with our will; we trust Him with our desires and abilities.

Finally, it means that we trust Him with our emotions; we trust Him with our feelings and affections. Now that we know that we need to trust God with all of our soul, we move onto a part that can be quite difficult. We are told not to lean on our own understanding. This call for us to lean not on our own understanding is the next natural step. But what are we really being commanded not to do here? There are two key words that we need to understand to fully grasp what is being asked of us — lean and understanding. After heading back to the BDB, I found out that the Hebrew word that was translated as lean means to support oneself or rely upon.

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That was a fairly obvious translation. But, what was meant by understanding was a bit deeper. Nor was it meant to convey knowledge. It was meant to convey our faculty — our very mental power and capacity.

The Importance of Waiting on God’s Timing

So what are we being told here? We are not to rely on our own mental capacity.

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  • You may be smart. You may be analytical. You may have even graduated summa cum laude from Harvard.

    But all of that thinking power that YOU possess must be pushed to the side. We are called to trust Him—abandoning our reliance on our own ability to figure it out is definitely indicative of trust. We know that we need to push our inclination to rely on our own expertise to the side.

    To Move or to Wait? - Following God's Plan – YM

    Seems easy enough right? I mean, we go to church. We have to be ready and willing to allow God to advance us forward to the next level. A movie for every single person. A Michigan Confirmation Cues Confirmation Cues The Holy Spirit will relate to you through confirmation cues to encourage you either to move forward, slow down or come to a complete stop.

    Don't Delay Obedience Don't Delay Obedience Once God makes known to you His will and your next steps, do everything you can to respond with immediate obedience. Recommended For You.

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