Make Money Websites - Step By Step Guide To Profit Generating Sites

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You can try it free and see what results come back. Good Post!

I use magazine theme where it gives the option of assigning one post to multi-category which I did Do you think that is unadvisable? I have a question in regards to your opt-in. When you have a brand new site, what would you offer potential signups? Would you offer some worn out plr ebook in your niche or would you simply tell them to signup to receive updates on great new content, etc.? This is my first time in beginning to build a list.

There are lots of things. Some niches like marketing are better suited for other forms of monetization. I want to build out an authority site using this strategy, and when I looked at your Niche Site course, it talks about monetizing with Adsense.

Is it legit?

Does that course cover these strategies in the series, or is only about Adsense? Do you have another course that goes more in depth concerning this three part series, or is one planned? I mainly want to learn the correct way to setup my authority blog by doing SEO, site structure, linkbuilding, etc step by step. Hey Lane! That course does not cover list building and products. I get a ton of emails so it may have gotten lost somewhere. So, you are left with very less conversion rate.

However, this can also be built with email alone, so I just focus on building the list using quick paid traffic sources.

How To Build A Profitable Niche Website (The Ultimate Guide)

Blogging just takes a longer time before you see any form of return. Thanks Onder. You should still strongly consider building blogs for precisely that reason.

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Then why would you go to Problogger Upwork, etc. Great question. Wow Chris This is an awesome piece. I tried to contact one of my favourite influencer in my niche via social media,guess what? He accepted to share my link to his audience.

15 Steps to Make Money with Your Own Amazon Affiliate Site

After sharing the link to hia auduence,pap! My blog started getting good traffic from his social media pages. I really appreciate your guide but am poor in the long term way of SEO. Hope I will get along by reading other posts in your blog. I have to say it was a series of amazingly truthful articles. I really like the way you explain it so clearly. I just started in a competitive niche as you suggest and I have just the right elements to take this strategy.

I agree to your other point that RoundUp posts in digital marketing niche has kind of become saturated. I tried this in travel and tourism industry and I got some great results :. If you allow, I will share what I did and how it worked in my later comment. I am preparing a case study of it! One important thing. Many times wile my round up post I experienced that influencers either missed my email because the email landed in JUNK or it was overlooked mistakenly. Gather a list of potential organizations, websites, business, etc that have a physical address.

Gather at least addresses that relate to your website. Get anything with an address.

This is important. Make sure your website is credible, link worthy and not spammy.

What Are Niche Sites?

You want to make it look handwritten as there are a lot of great handwriting fonts out there! You can handwrite, I suppose, but this would take forever. Write out a simple one-page letter saying that you work for so and so and think your website could be a great addition to their website somewhere. Inside, make sure you list contact information like your email and even phone.

If you see a resource page, note it. Next, write out your envelopes and make sure you hand write these or again, use that handwriting font to print on your printer. Make this look as personal as possible because these places get A LOT of junk mail. I was able to achieve 13 links and they are still flowing. Worth it? You be the judge. All you did was ask them to add a link to you somewhere on their website?

Just make sure the company has a resource page. So even if you do have something great, they just pass over it. Think of it. Do you know of any other SEO blogger recommending this? Blah blah. Hopefully, this makes sense. Some will email or even call to discuss. Thank you for the comprehensive article which every beginner can follow up step by step.

I am not really a beginner but I am pretty sure i will go over the whole article and see what I can learn from it. This is great! You opened my mind.

How To Make Money With Clickbank On Autopilot Without A Website! (Step By Step 2019)

I have done one of your courses and change the way I was making my web, but this article is great. You have many options. Hi what a blog post and full of value packed. Sir I have a question. Actually I had a blog earlier related to blogging ,recently I deleted that blog from the internet and now I planned to start my new blog on the same,is it ok if I use all the blog post of my old blog on my new future blog?

Please reply me Thank you. Thank you for your valued content, Chris. Your step by step guide made a deep impression in my head. I have been SEO for B2B websites for 2 years and now I prepare to start my blogging life today and I am very familiar with import and export business from China, do you have any suggestion on make it into a money site? Thank you in advance. Thank you an honest and inspiring article! This has inspired me to create my own passion blog. The strategies in this article are golden and I will use as a benchmark for my own blog,.

Hey, Chris. Thanks for this article! Some people said siteground is way better than bluehost. But some people said otherwise. What do you think of siteground? Let me know. He went on and gave an example of squared tomatoe as a niche, that no body would give a damn about your squared tomatoe and even they do, you will not profit from that Niche. As for me, l am interested in farming, l know much about it and even still interested in learning much about it.

Great article!