Juggler in the Wind (The Wand Bearer Trilogy Book 1)

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Wim Coleman; Pat Perrin

Narrator Randy, 14, follows voices calling him to the Circus Olympus, which sets up near his Kansas hometown, despite his alcoholic mother's insistence he stay away. Determined to learn the secret of the circus and his mother's aversion to it, Randy joins the troupe a ragtag bunch of performers who he later learns are thousands of years old when they leave town, and acquires a sudden talent for juggling.


A cloaked stranger with horns and a carved wooden wand appears to Randy on several occasions, apparently in his dreams; eventually Randy passes a life-changing test in a sequence in which the stranger assumes the guises of three threatening beasts. Randy discovers long-buried secrets about his past and his relationship to the stranger, but other answers are left for later books.

In the small town in western Kansas, where 14 year-old Randy lives with his single mother, life has a certain monotony to it.

But when the Circus Olympus makes an unheralded arrival in town, and sets up their tent in an empty pasture near Randy's house, everything changes. Drawn to the motley circus by a powerful compulsion, and despite his mother's passionate conviction that he should stay away from it, Randy cuts school to see the show Randy doesn't understand why his mother has taken such a scunner to the circus, but it's clear that it's out of the ordinary. As circus acts go, the performances might not, at first, seem all that great, but it becomes clear that extraordinary things are taking place, and that the performers are not what they seem to be.

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They are, in fact, the Greek gods and goddess, fallen on hard times. Money is short in the circus, and to make matters worse, they've fallen afoul of the law. They push their old bus faster toward the west, not quite sure where to go.

Nor are they at all certain, any more, who they even are themselves, and what they are doing with their immortal lives. As he travels with the ragtag crew of aging performers, Randy begins to dream, strange dreams that seem to come from Dionysus himself, and he begins as well to find that he has a preternatural skill for juggling.

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But Randy, too, is uncertain of his purpose, and the circus is falling apart. Latest Member Reviews.

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Juggler in the Wind No. 1 by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin (2010, Paperback)

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