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Dawson: When I was a kid, I was so focused on getting good grades and praise that I never took any risks at all.

Rose has these great ideas, but she does doubt herself. Luckily, her sister Paige is there to encourage her and cheer her on. In both of my Rose and Paige stories, I wanted to give Rose moments where she had an idea, doubted herself, was emboldened by Paige, failed a little, kept going, and ultimately succeeded. That, to me, gave her context for her increased confidence and strength in The Last Jedi.

But not everyone she meets finds her to be endearing. Lazslo in particular seems to regard her as a nuisance, maybe because of her age. In your mind, why is Lazslo such a curmudgeon and how do you think his skepticism defines Rose? We think of the Resistance as the good guys, which makes it easy to forget that everyone in the movement has flaws, and some of them are straight up jerks. And in that opposition, he gives Rose something safe to rebel against, someone to defy.

Sometimes that kind of opposition is more valuable than cheerleading and encouragement! What has it been like stepping into the Star Wars universe and how did it influence your stylistic choices? Nicoletta Baldari: I think every project has a particular style that fits perfectly. At first, I focused on the fact they are sisters.

Symposium--detours of destiny

I thought, Rose and Paige have fun together, so they had to be funny, but at the same time they are Resistance girls, so they also had to have some pathos on display! So I focused on their actions. Then, I tried to mold my style into the Star Wars mood. What was your inspiration for these bearded, bird-like creatures?

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

They feel very ostrich-like to me. See "More Background" at the end of this lesson. Can you think of another famous Nazarite in the Bible? John the Baptist took the same vows Samson did. Being a Nazarite meant that the person was "set apart," that he was a holy person. When you became a Christian, you too were "set apart. Are you making good choices that would allow people to see that you are holy?

Comics With Kenobi #44 — The Delilah S. Dawson Interview

In essence, when you were baptized, you made a choice to be holy. You made a choice to live differently.

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Using the concordances, look up several Bible verses on some of today's discussion. For example, students could lookup the following: Philistines, Nazaite, riddles, vows, etc. Ask students to discuss the definitions and descriptions of these different words and names and give some of the Bible contexts in which they are used. Get a couple of the Superman movies and show the partswhere Kryptonite is used to make him weak.

Compare this tothe life of Samson and what happens to him when he cuts his hair in essence, when he breaks his Nazarite vow with God. What does Superman have to do to get his strength back? What does Samson have to do to get his strength back? What do you have to do to get your "strength" back whenyou make a bad choice? Restate the objectives for this week, tying them to the story of Samson. Can you see how the bad choices Samson madeaffected not only him, but the people around him?

Do youhang around people like Delilah that are constantly bringingyou down? What do you need to do this week to get freefrom people that are a bad influence on you? Who can you ask to hold you accountable for the people you hang out with? You are the only one that can really choose who youhang out with. If you are finding yourself sneaking around tobe with certain people, then you probably should considerhanging out with some other people.

Some of you may haveto "sneak" around to be with Christian people. You may be persecuted by your family or others for being a Christian. Be open even to how God can use this time in your life for you to be a light to your family and others for Him. Back to Choices that Determine Destiny. Choices That Determine Destiny - Lesson 6. Text: Judges Background Information for the Teacher Objectives: The student will recognize the outcomes of bad decisions in others lives. Lesson Plan for Conducting the Class Introduction: 5 minutes Prayer time ask for requests, ask for answered prayers Check calendar of events coming up Connect any students visiting, to individual students and the youth group Review from Lesson 5: 5 minutes Go over the answers to the handouts.

Take these up if you are using them for some type of reward mission trip credit. Give a one-minute summary of Ruth's choices in last week's lesson. Learning Experiences: 20 minutes Remember the two general points that provide a background for our story see Lesson 1 for a more detailed description. First, we will be studying a method of making godly choices in our everyday living The 4 C's.

Consider the choice.

Compare our attitudes and actions to God. Commit to God's ways. Count on God's protections and provision. We are studying principles rather than rules.