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Inclusiveness Mount Holyoke sustains an increasingly diverse, global, and inclusive community of students, faculty, and staff in an environment of mutual respect in which all thrive and contribute to the flourishing of others. View the full calendar of events. Connect with Mount Holyoke. Learn More. Now more than ever. Discover the top 9 reasons to choose a women's college. Find out what's going on around campus and in the world involving Mount Holyoke faculty, students and alumnae.

There is never a dull moment on campus.

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  • If you love research, academia may not be for you | Times Higher Education (THE).
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Not only are students taught by world-renowned faculty, who want their students to succeed, but there are over a thousand student organizations, visits by famous world leaders, musical performances, and exciting athletic events year around. The University of Texas at Austin does a great job providing resources to fit every students' needs.

No matter what your situation is there is a team of people eagerly waiting to help. In Austin, you will never run out of things to do. If you have a more active lifestyle there are countless opportunities to go hiking, swimming, or rock climbing. If you like music, art, and film then head over to the plus venues, museums, art galleries, and theaters located all across the city. Austin is my home away from home, and I hope it can be yours too!

The food offered in the dining halls or on-campus restaurants is amazing and sustainably sourced.

Virginia Tech is a great place to be! Everyone is focused not only on academics but growing as invididuals. My only critique is housing— as a first year you are not promised AC, and hopefully that will change. Also some professors are too focused on their research rather than their classrooms. The local food scene is great, and Dinning makes sure to support local farmers and promote sustainability!


Read 2, Reviews. Ever since stepping foot on campus - when I was met by my freshman Head of House and the Move Crew - I've been supported and welcomed. I've been encouraged to pursue my interests in and outside of the classroom and attended countless events. Sometimes it feels like there are too many things to get involved in, especially with the weight of academics on our shoulders, but not everyone experiences this the same way.

Plus, can you ever go wrong living at an arboretum? I mean this honestly but always a little ironically , Anchor Down! Read 1, Reviews. Every student is driven, focused, and goal oriented, so the competitive environment pushes you just as hard as the professors!

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  5. The campus is extremely safe and beautiful and the research opportunities you receive are unlike any other! When searching for what college you would like to attend, Penn State checks all the necessary boxes; great academics, superb athletics, amazing student life. It 's the best of all three worlds. Penn State is big on diversity and there is something for everyone here on campus. Over a thousand different clubs, a multitude things to do on and around campus, but at the same time if you need to just get away and be in your own space whether it's to focus on your school work or you just need some alone time, there are plenty of people on campus who are in the same boat as you.

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    It's guaranteed that, with 46, undergrad students here, there is at least one person who can relate to you and is doing the same thing you are. Penn State is amazing and I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend. WE ARE! Read 6, Reviews. I feel so at home here and love everything about the campus and life here. The weather is amazing no snow! There are so many clubs, organizations, and other opportunities that continue to arise for their students. This school is also part of organizations that the Gainesville community benefits on, such as the Big Event.

    This organization is held by the University of Florida students and upholding leaders, who participate in cleaning up various areas in Gainesville. There is a large variety of good that this school does for not only their students but also the surrounding area. Not to mention the professors do their best to teach students the required material in order for their future successes to be met. Overall, the University of Florida has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of their students, staff, the surrounding community, and much more! Read 7, Reviews. There are so many ways to be involved and tons of people to interact with.

    The atmosphere is welcoming and everyone is proud to be a buckeye. Professors are more than willing to provide help and answers any questions. There are also plenty of study locations and libraries— my personal favorite is the Thompson library! There are so many cheap, but unique restaurants around.

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    There are also a plethora of shops, boutiques and thrift stores. The Proffesor's and staff are beyond exceptional , and are always available to help. I've only had issues with my advisor not getting back to me right away a few times, but when I do speak with her she treats me like I'm her only student.

    The campus is beautiful, safe and if you love sports this is the place for you This school is filled with southern charm! The only change I would want to see for the University is for them to add more online majors in the near future. Roll Tide Read 4, Reviews. I loved the wide spaces and atmosphere. But at the same time, anyone that goes here for any length of time seems to be hard as nails, physically and technique wise.

    You can feel it when you roll with them, even the mid tier white belts. Go here for 6 months and your body will start to feel like it's carved out of wood. Asche somehow gets everyone to turn it up to "eleven" with his training routine and leadership.

    Since 1875, we've broken down barriers to higher education.

    Other highlights: - am classes, three days a week - takedowns and throws practiced EVERY session - special striking classes in conjunction with no gi BJJ, for more realistic self defense - the cleanest mats I've seen in a gym, a foot bath before walking on, and disinfection after every training session - belt testing: some coaches just throw a belt at you when they think you're ready. Many people feel like fakers, and wonder if they really deserve their next belt. Full disclosure: I'm a no stripe white belt at Connection Rio, just another dad bod hobbyist gasping under side control.

    Been wanting to write this review for a while. No special treatment from Prof. Asche for writing this, the dude spent 12 years in Brazil.. This is the best BJJ gym I have ever been to. Professor Dennis Asche is an amazing coach. He does a great job breaking down moves and techniques making them easy to learn. I have really appreciated how he has pushed me to improve my game and I see that he shows the same dedication to all his students. The training environment is great too, egos are left at the door and everyone is respectful.

    You earn your belt in this gym, it is not given, which to me makes it a bigger accomplishment.