Basic Bird ID in Southern Africa

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The good news about birding is that they are all around and you can practice your skills right there in your own garden. This is also one of the best places to start birding as the species are diverse enough for you to start distinguishing between the different families.

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Before you try and identify each bird, you have to learn to identify the family that it belongs too. Now, we are not talking about brothers, sisters, cousins and aunts, we referring to whether the bird is a dove, thrush, sparrow, hawk etc.

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Each Family has different characteristics, shapes and sizes and often when we refer to the jizz of a bird this pretty much refers to the family it belongs to. This is the first indication of where you need to look for the bird in your guide.

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Watching the birds in an average South African garden will soon teach you a few of the families, with the most common being the doves, sparrows, barbets, thrushes, weavers and Ibis. I have seen with many new birders that one of the fastest ways to learn the difference between families is to page through your guide as often as you can.

Birds of Southern Africa species 1 to 800 plus

Going page by page you will move from one family to the next and so pick up the slight variances that will help you to recognize the one that you want to identify. A good trick to learn is to use a few common birds as reference. Most SA gardens have Hadeda and all have cape sparrows.

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  • The development of an infrastructure for birding tourists in local areas will also be highlighted. In the vast majority of the slides English and Afrikaans names of species are printed onto the slide. The course focuses on basic steps in the identification of birds, places heavy emphasis on where to find the rare and often endemic birds in southern Africa and illustrates how ordinary bird-watchers could become involved in the conservation of birds and their habitats.

    We will focus on three of the topics below.