A New Kind of Battle: A Bonners Fairy Novel

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Also available at Tolkiendil with French subtitles. The book can be ordered here. The talk can now be heard as a podcast. Garth beschreibt Tolkiens Leben so facettenreich und liebevoll, dass es eine Freude ist. The text is now online at the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network. At Oxonmoot I was interviewed on video on this topic and others by Jay Johnstone.

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Tolkien , edited by Stuart D. German and English. Also in Italian , French and Portuguese. Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarship and Critical Assessment out in paperback and ebook, with several of my contributions. Also in Portuguese at Tolkien Brasil. I was later interviewed on the topic by Al Jazeera English.


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Read here. Tolkien , in Tolkien Studies Read here Project Muse subscription only. Now also available subscription-free here. Since published in French September and Portuguese November. Published in Hungarian in J. For older publications and appearances, please visit the relevant pages via the navigation bar at the top of this page. HarperCollins ebook. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ebook. On this website you will find: Tolkien and the Great War — the acclaimed and award-winning book to read if you want to know how Middle-earth began or the profoundly moving facts behind the fictionalised biopic.

Tolkien at Exeter College — buy this vital, richly illustrated book on the key years. Highlights of my articles. Links to my blog , Twitter and Facebook. Overview of my journalism and book reviews for the press. Details and links for my publications , talks and media appearances. She and her twin brother, Henry, have strict orders from her fiance, Valian, to wait on the other side of the fairy world of Roan until he returns for them. But it has been more than a week without any news, and Queen Lilia is still missing.

Haley is growing more anxious by the day.

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After Haley and her witch friend, Estelle, discover a strange footprint inside their home, they decide to ignore Valians command and enter the postern to learn the identity of the intruder. As the women find their way into a pub inside Roan, they meet up with a cloaked stranger who is wearing the Obsidian stone around his necka tool used by an evil being known for relentlessly torturing fairies. The dark power of the stone is evident everywhere.

Now it is up to Haley and her extended family to figure out how to defeat the wicked beast and destroy the stone, before it is too late.


In the continuing saga that surrounds the magical creatures of Bonners Ferry, Haley must keep her wits about hereven as she is confronted by tree trolls, a banshee, and a temptresss spell. But even Haley knows that things are not always as they seem, especially in the land of fairies.

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